Thief Simulator

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Thief Simulator allows you to do exactly as you might expect from the title of the game. If someone can't figure that out NO ONE HELP THEM IN THE COMMENTS.
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Сергий Тихомиров
Сергий Тихомиров Prije 24 minuta
21:21 Plot twist: the one who bailed the protagonist out is Grinch.
Jackson Gibbs
Jackson Gibbs Prije sat
Please do more thief simulator.
Ryan L
Ryan L Prije sat
Mark you have played this b4
Hailey Banks
Hailey Banks Prije sat
Hailey Banks
Hailey Banks Prije sat
Cut your hair
Jacerator Prije sat
"I signed up to be a thief, not an asshole!" - Markiplier, 2021
Hyperrevi Prije 2 sati
part 13 notice me
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson Prije 4 sati
Imagine someone breaking you’re house just to destroy your fucking toilet.
the good guy
the good guy Prije 4 sati
hitman 47 and his new job
Zenendos Prije 8 sati
Play more of this game mark, please!
Ghxst Boy
Ghxst Boy Prije 8 sati
When I heard Mark say this is a thief simulator I was very shocked why the vid was so long😂
Izabella Wallin
Izabella Wallin Prije 14 sati
GamersCreed92 Prije 14 sati
" cause I know how to steal things... No I don't!" as if he's doesn't have an entire movie called a Hiest with Markiplier lol love it
ITSbraydxn Prije 16 sati
My heart exploded when he turned and they were both like uhhhhh wut
Josh Hamill
Josh Hamill Prije 18 sati
lol he almost hit sombody
but ter
but ter Prije 18 sati
I just got a ad for this game on this video.
Ethan DeBord
Ethan DeBord Prije 18 sati
I got an ad for the mobile version of this game while watching lmao
Mr. Man
Mr. Man Prije 18 sati
Play more 😡
Dominik Robinson
Dominik Robinson Prije 18 sati
Mark pls more people playground
Krimson Killer2.0
Krimson Killer2.0 Prije 19 sati
Mark: "STAN!?" Me: Haha Markipliers RP GTAV funniest moments....
Chokahobo Prije 19 sati
Kinda wish you did a Skyrim play through either modded or not but a recent one don’t hate me people
Dorian Israel Partida De Anda
Dorian Israel Partida De Anda Prije 19 sati
No sé inglés pero igual lo veo
Narissa McLean
Narissa McLean Prije 20 sati
Theifiplier would sound better ngl rather than Markitheif
Mya Amorita
Mya Amorita Prije 20 sati
The aromatic bibliography accordantly request because yew possibly drain versus a pushy starter. watery, flagrant spoon
Shitass Minecraft
Shitass Minecraft Prije 20 sati
I got a thief simulator mobile ad on a thief simulator video
Alexander Partida
Alexander Partida Prije 20 sati
I some how got an add for thief simulator watching this
Logxn.Carroll Prije 20 sati
I miss skyrim 😔
Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose Prije 20 sati
The ad before this was thief simulator mobile
Xainar Prije 20 sati
"You ain't never gonna know nobody there's ain't never gonna help youse." Whatever you say, Yancy. 😏
Rebecca Trubey
Rebecca Trubey Prije 21 sat
The spotty reminder exceptionally bolt because shrimp enthrallingly judge before a nappy diving. acceptable, incompetent pipe
Snowman Boi
Snowman Boi Prije 21 sat
I got an ad for Thief Simulator on this video.
Johnny 'u'
Johnny 'u' Prije 21 sat
what do I think about stealing? well... if its a chain, its free reign. (i honestly cant spell, idk)
William Sylvestre
William Sylvestre Prije 21 sat
Wait their mowing grass in February?
Brittany Lopez
Brittany Lopez Prije 22 sati
MrDerp Prije 22 sati
What soda was mark drinkin in the intro me and my girlfriend couldn't find out which was it was. Ps: We are not americans
dino drawss
dino drawss Prije 22 sati
Every time he’d pick out that one dude on the sidewalk and say ‘STAN!??’ Was the most hilarious thing to me and idk why
Jleaux Jr.
Jleaux Jr. Prije 23 sati
36:34 😂😂
Jenna Prije 23 sati
Normal human people: **takes dog for a walk** People without pets during quarantine: "Just taking my TV for a walk!"
Jleaux Jr.
Jleaux Jr. Prije 23 sati
killer_jeep 420
killer_jeep 420 Prije 23 sati
Not a lot of people will get the stan reference
NOMASAN Prije 23 sati
i did get an ad for thief simulator
Potatogod Prije dan
Make another video of this one. I really enjoy it
James Goblin
James Goblin Prije dan
I loved this. It was nice to see Stan.
FireLordCanti Prije dan
A Heist w/ Markiplier simulator? I hope we get to see Yancy. I'm assuming Vinny is his cousin or something.
wolves howl at the moon
wolves howl at the moon Prije dan
Mark: Be very quiet. Also Mark: *slurps soda loudly*
Lyn Prije dan
Snakier trash
Snakier trash Prije dan
Practicing for a heist with markiplier part 2
Kr B
Kr B Prije dan
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Lily Rae
Lily Rae Prije 3 sati
@Kr B im atheist
Kr B
Kr B Prije 3 sati
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Lily Rae
Lily Rae Prije 4 sati
@Kr B im lesbian
Kr B
Kr B Prije 5 sati
@Lily Rae You need Jesus Christ just as much as I need Him. Without Him, there is no life, no light, no love. God bless you. Pray and seek Him. He loves you.
Lily Rae
Lily Rae Prije 5 sati
@Kr B i see why you need god
Emily Prije dan
Mark: "Stan....sure could use some water" Me: *thinking of the song Eminem made* Didn't Stan die in water?
jasper Prije dan
20:27 111 huh? i'mma take that as goodluck
scalyraptor 1944
scalyraptor 1944 Prije dan
Hand simulater You owe a life dept
maria lena
maria lena Prije dan
The alike gondola intriguingly file because button counterintuitively cough sans a equable branch. mundane, dynamic rugby
Ken Walker
Ken Walker Prije dan
I find it funny that a thief needs to BUY tools to be able to steal
giz wiz driz griz yeet
giz wiz driz griz yeet Prije dan
getting close to 30 MILmark keepgoing almost there :D
MEGA N00b Prije dan
I've gotten an ad for this game on a vid for this game
The awesome GaMeR
The awesome GaMeR Prije dan
in the first ten seconds he sounded like a 7 year old pretending to be a wanted thief
Lil Granola bar
Lil Granola bar Prije dan
You should make more of this game
Kyrie • 28 years ago
Kyrie • 28 years ago Prije dan
Am I watching a heist with markiplier
legendary pillow
legendary pillow Prije dan
I recall you playing a game called “sneak thief.”
Vegetable Man
Vegetable Man Prije dan
Please make more of these they’re great!
PareEye Prije dan
Hi Mark, I know you're never gonna see this but I would really, really want a part 2 of this. It's so fun to watch and it makes it so much better when you're the one playing it
Kaitlyn BowmanCarroll
Kaitlyn BowmanCarroll Prije dan
Yeah I’d definitely watch him play this more.
Sonofbloke Prije dan
I got a thief simulator ad
Shift Prije dan
just got an ad for thief simulator mobile 👀 coincidence???
Lol i like how i got a thief simulator ad
pfft whatever
pfft whatever Prije dan
did anyone else get an ad for mobile thief simulator right before watching this?...
[ BLANK ] Prije dan
Emalie Paulin
Emalie Paulin Prije dan
Nothing like getting an ad for thief simulator while watching markiplier play thief simulator
Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith Prije dan
Mark you have to play this again. I love your commentary on it, it’s so funny
Chaos Elites
Chaos Elites Prije dan
Imagine laying down to sleep when a man jumps through your window, starts screaming, picks your bathroom lock, breaks your toilet, and drives off
Crainage1056 Prije dan
Markiplier the toilet buster
Jade Bowen
Jade Bowen Prije dan
Crime is great.
Zmithic Prije dan
Markipier became the LA Gangs trying to kill him This is a wild character arch
Roman Prije dan
Anyone else keep getting ads about this game like 5 times while watching this video? Because I did
Karen Prije dan
theres a box in there
Tiny Barbarian
Tiny Barbarian Prije dan
I literally got a ad for thief simulator watching this.
SpaghettiSauce445 Prije dan
i got a ad for this game while watching it
honey_bxxj Prije dan
the intro is amazing lmao
Lanetorty Prije dan
markimplier, the pooper breaker
depressedphrög Prije dan
OCN_YEETEd Prije 2 dana
OH NO MARK IS STEALING THINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Troy Yetman
Troy Yetman Prije 2 dana
“What r ya gonna do vinny? Change you accent some more?” Me- *almost chokes on a burrito*
Jackson Berry
Jackson Berry Prije 2 dana
Damn, is he not gonna make another video on this?
Nightmaridragon 13
Nightmaridragon 13 Prije 2 dana
Mark "why don't I have a hud" because you picked hard mode. I love you Mark but read what hard mode does before you turn it on!
Sufersos Prije 2 dana
Please do a sequel to this, oh my god.
Noah Gunderson
Noah Gunderson Prije 2 dana
Is this a teaser that Stan Wheeler will be visiting Los Santos again...? Gosh I hope so
Joshua Garcia
Joshua Garcia Prije 2 dana
Can we please get another video of this game. Love this
Muslim Fire
Muslim Fire Prije 2 dana
Guys Theif Simulator is on mobile now.
james driscoll
james driscoll Prije 2 dana
My friend texted me and said to go to 30:06
Ryan Theking
Ryan Theking Prije 2 dana
Mark! Streamer life.... where is that beauty?
Sarah Anne
Sarah Anne Prije 2 dana
Nuroto Nine tails
Nuroto Nine tails Prije 2 dana
The most satisfying thing happend I was whartching this and Some thing ask on my tv mark was playing a game and both of them said ok at the same time
Kirishima-kun Prije 2 dana
Super potato master Supreme
Super potato master Supreme Prije 2 dana
I just got the mobile version of this game as an ad just before the video started 😂
Brandon M
Brandon M Prije 2 dana
Nomad Prije 2 dana
I wanna see him play mechanic simulator 2018
TheRogueNetwork Prije 2 dana
*stealing a bunch of random things from people* Oh yeah, this is what I signed up for! *assigned to break some poor guy's toilet* Wait...Am I the asshole?
Oodles and Noodles
Oodles and Noodles Prije 2 dana
Simulator games are somehow amaze me and disgust the same time.
Snip Snipe
Snip Snipe Prije 2 dana
I literally got an ad for this game and skipped it when the guy was jumping the fence and the video opened to mark hopping over the fence In The same scene
Test tube studios
Test tube studios Prije 2 dana
Is it just me more I got a thief simulator ad while watching this video. Pawggers
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