American Truck Simulator

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Prije 20 dana

Have you ever wanted to drive a truck? Sure you have! Everyone has! Well now you get to be an AMERICAN truck driver, hauling goods across the land!
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Markiplier Prije 20 dana
Tried out Photoshop's new face tweaking feature for today's thumbnail... I think we can all agree that it works perfectly!
Caleb Treichel
Caleb Treichel Prije 15 dana
Hi Markplier. How are you?
theawesome48fan hunter
theawesome48fan hunter Prije 15 dana
}{y Prije 15 dana
That volume was the same one one of my old TV's had
Autistic Gamer
Autistic Gamer Prije 16 dana
Looks fantastic
Michael Hull
Michael Hull Prije 16 dana
Please bring this back 🙏 This is amazing
Hyperrevi Prije 3 sati
part 3 notice me
The OP Miner
The OP Miner Prije 5 sati
I love that Mark is spending so much time in his first real delivery with his truck up in gears 6-10 starting the vehicle instead of starting in first.
Jazmir Prije 12 sati
Redstoneqwwe Prije 16 sati
I love how he’s wearing a [REDACTED] shirt! Such memories
Korilynn Carter
Korilynn Carter Prije 19 sati
Let's do russian simulator ;)
clipz pc
clipz pc Prije 19 sati
right when i saw the person he picked i sounded like a dying pig
Damien Tillman
Damien Tillman Prije 20 sati
18:54 he is gonna crash
Allie Williams
Allie Williams Prije 21 sat
New title: Mark Adjusts the overly complex controls for 30+ minutes lol
Cassie Jahner
Cassie Jahner Prije 21 sat
As the daughter of a northdakotam oilfield worker, i can confirm semis dont have breaks and obviously since i live in ND and theres absolutely no trees or hills we just let go of the gas and wait til we hit someones cabin because we also dont have houses. We only have fireplace heated homes. No AC either because why would you need AC if it only gets to -10° in the summer On a real note. I do infact own a husky, bit hes not a sled dog
Justin Sies
Justin Sies Prije 21 sat
For the sake of everyone never let him get his CDL
Wil Z
Wil Z Prije 22 sati
melongaming779 Prije dan
28:52 so we just gonna ignore the trailer floating lmao
That one nerd who reads by himself
That one nerd who reads by himself Prije dan
That thumbnail is just so cursed
needless burning
needless burning Prije dan
It gives me so much anxiety watching him shifting all the way up and being like"why so slow" then fucking gunning it when he's backing it up😂ahhhhhh scary
Kyle Schubert
Kyle Schubert Prije dan
why is mark wearing a shirt that says channel not found
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson Prije dan
Mark: ¨Imma GENIUS!!! Takes 10 min to park the trailer Me watching knowing how he should do it from the beginning: *keyboard hitting face noises*
Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson Prije dan
also me watching him jackknife the trailer.
El _Loco_14XD
El _Loco_14XD Prije dan
This is honestly hilarious
J.T. Prije 2 dana
the LA in this game reminds me way more of northern Florida then LA any day
Amber H.
Amber H. Prije 2 dana
19:00 i literally laughed tears and rewatched that one part about five times
bryce oxbro
bryce oxbro Prije 2 dana
There's 18
Darkness Blade
Darkness Blade Prije 3 dana
when I saw he was making that turn on that bridge, from my personal GTA experience I knew what was about to happen
JustBuyinTime Prije 3 dana
Aaaaa it hurts watching his gearing
Nick Harpham
Nick Harpham Prije 3 dana
Please for the love of farts play this again!!!!
Siti Latifah
Siti Latifah Prije 3 dana
Please play dreadout 2
Max P
Max P Prije 3 dana
Shouldve just named it Freedom 'n Oil
Sydical Prije 3 dana
I'm actually friends with one of the developers. The dev team are really chill. Great people.
Emmy Prije 3 dana
my dad is a truck driver and watching mark play this game was such a trip, a hilarious one, but a trip none the less
MONSTA HASH Prije 3 dana
When he crash i was dying
Derped Melan
Derped Melan Prije 3 dana
7 ...hours
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman Prije 3 dana
It's fun when people play a simulator of a job I do everyday.
Love Bug
Love Bug Prije 4 dana
I had a water bed when I was a little kid lmao my parents got one for themselves and decided to get me one too. I think I was like 5 or 6. It had like zero back and neck support but it was very soothing. I used to know someone in high school that had a tiny water bed but that was years ago. Water beds suck so I'm sure that's why no one gets them anymore lol.
Dusty Jones
Dusty Jones Prije 4 dana
ATS is one of my first simulator games it is fun but I moved on from it lol
AquaFrogger Prije 4 dana
Please continue this
iamyetiman Prije 4 dana
"why am I going so slow I'm shifting up"🥴💀😂😂
CS_044 Prije 4 dana
As someone who plays ETS2 and ATS a lot, this is entertaining
stupidity Prije 4 dana
Broo I just started playing and this comes out
Fra Zix
Fra Zix Prije 4 dana
I seen mark wearing his unas anus and it made me happy that they started it but made me sad that they ended it but with great memories
jimmy sublett
jimmy sublett Prije 4 dana
that first drop off you did you should have just went into the big area and made a complete turnaround straighten your truck out in the exit and then just did a straight back.
jimmy sublett
jimmy sublett Prije 4 dana
As an actual over-the-road truck driver I'm finding this absolutely hilarious LOL 18:55
jimmy sublett
jimmy sublett Prije 4 dana
Dennis Ryan Lynch
Dennis Ryan Lynch Prije 5 dana
“Why do they have a wind turbine towers worth of office supplies!?” In more curious as to why you know the weight of a wind turbine tower off the top of your head
Trainguy 611
Trainguy 611 Prije 5 dana
Try Train Simulator
Kayleigh Myers
Kayleigh Myers Prije 5 dana
While you're playing all of these simulator games, try flight simulator... That'll be a hoot.. Get to it, Captain! ;D
Matt Animations
Matt Animations Prije 5 dana
My dad's a truck driver and he can't play this simulator correctly lol
Andrew Gariando
Andrew Gariando Prije 5 dana
why does Mark never seem to stop talking😂
April Ulmer
April Ulmer Prije 5 dana
I wish my trucker grandfather were alive so i can show him this video and he can see all the redlights you went through 🤣🤣
Jericho Stierwalt
Jericho Stierwalt Prije 5 dana
Samantha Vetrano
Samantha Vetrano Prije 5 dana
ya-know, i shouldn´t have watched a game about driving.. a day before my drivers test- now i´m stressed-
KOPPEN2005 Prije 6 dana
Close your eyes and just listen 29:12
Back0N_ MaNN26
Back0N_ MaNN26 Prije 6 dana
This would be an awesome livestream
Call Me Samuel
Call Me Samuel Prije 6 dana
Thanks for coming to my town of Yuma lol!
thomas halstead
thomas halstead Prije 6 dana
Absolutely love it. It's just like 18 wheels of steel haulin. One of my favorite games ever
theraider77 Prije 6 dana
I never though he would play this game, I love this even if I’m Canadian lol Prije 6 dana
setting simulator
Apple The meme lord
Apple The meme lord Prije 6 dana
Cool truck simulator
Juvia Silman
Juvia Silman Prije 6 dana
He totally judging you 🤣
The Bob0448
The Bob0448 Prije 6 dana
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Prije 6 dana
Sure, playing video games for a living will make you money- but it will also make you ignorant to the world outside your bedroom. XD
Kaitlin Brooks
Kaitlin Brooks Prije 6 dana
When he went up the ramp at 80 mph I knew what was going to happen😂
yeet gamez
yeet gamez Prije 6 dana
Mark heres some advice make wide turns
yeet gamez
yeet gamez Prije 6 dana
The kenworth is kinda the exact inside looks so real
JPlayzX01 // Propcouti Studios
JPlayzX01 // Propcouti Studios Prije 6 dana
16:32 Did anyone else notice the grass get greener as he said that?
BRANGOD 5605 Prije 6 dana
unus annus UNUS ANNUS
Weshallattack Prije 6 dana
Legit question: do truckers actually use this thing to... You know. Practice?...
Michael Castaneda
Michael Castaneda Prije 6 dana
I'm from yuma
Tanner Prije 6 dana
Being from Seattle and hearing Mark call it "The 5" hurts me in my soul
SwaffyX Prije 7 dana
Mark, you are a peasant! 😂 Maps should face where you're driving because it helps you judge the curvature of the road. A rotating map usually has an N that points North and an advanced driver will know where they are facing in relation to the N. I used to do street racing hitting highway corners at 120 to 140 mph and the rotating map helped a lot with judging how tight a corner would be.
Helvetica Prije 7 dana
Am I the only one that got AOT vibes from the thumbnail?
Pagani team
Pagani team Prije 7 dana
Wait until mark hears about **European** truck simulator
david waring
david waring Prije 7 dana
in future mark remember when reversing a semi/big rig remember turn truck right to make trailer go left and turn truck left to make trailer go right you did well though congrats
Shank Mugen
Shank Mugen Prije 7 dana
More please!
Jules Maneki Neko
Jules Maneki Neko Prije 7 dana
If I ever start a trucking company I'm calling it "Railed By Jesus".
mutimateco Prije 7 dana
Being an ex truck driver with 7 years of experience, you saying service is for chums made me feel so close to home
UnkemptBush343 Prije 7 dana
I remember when I first played, loved it so much I went out and got my permit and looked for a place that was hiring people to get them their CDL. Couple months later I had my license and was painting the panties brown delivering pepsi around town haha. Great times.
Melon Cloud
Melon Cloud Prije 7 dana
Driving related tip not truck related. This just reminded me of bad driving- it’s actually easier to backup into a parking spot when parallel parking than it is to go forwards into the spot. No idea why, but I cannot do it forward to save my life, meanwhile backing up is ez pz. Im not a good backwards driver either, so I was shocked by the ease when I did it for the first time. It’s also ok if u have to leave your car to check how close u are to others, and if u only lightly hit someones bumper on accident it shouldnt damage someones car... but i mean only lightly and an accident, never do it on purpose ofc and always check if u need to leave a note. Ive done it a couple times bc i have horrrrible depth perception, it’s a terrifying experience.
Olivia Shultz
Olivia Shultz Prije 8 dana
If Ive learned anything from watching this and farming simulator, its that mark has never backed up a trailer. Although, he understands the physics better now than he did in farming simulator 😅
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins Prije 8 dana
Lmao mans was going 80 mph on a curve if he didn’t flip I would’ve been shocked
somnomania Prije 8 dana
i really don't get the appeal of these games, they're SO detailed and specific. i tried farming simulator and got overwhelmed by the number of things i had to do just to accomplish one task. i don't parry in dark souls because it involves an extra button (or is that blocking, i can't remember but i don't do that either). how does anyone do this.
Blue Fire
Blue Fire Prije 8 dana
I was screaming internally the whole time u tried to park. Ik how to back up a trailer, and watching u do it was painful. 😂😂😂
Barnaby Foyster
Barnaby Foyster Prije 8 dana
Fiiiiiiiiiive I know that number too
mariah reyna
mariah reyna Prije 8 dana
So is anyone going tell Mark that you can set google maps to be locked north?
Doctor Skipwith
Doctor Skipwith Prije 8 dana
"It's perfectly fine to make a California stop." * proceeds to completely *YEET* through the stop sign * Yep. That's Cali for ya.
Snowy Sapphire
Snowy Sapphire Prije 8 dana
*faces the void* I WANT MORE OF THIS PLEASE
Violetwinter 7
Violetwinter 7 Prije 8 dana
Neds more
Samantha Fitzgibbon
Samantha Fitzgibbon Prije 8 dana
Part 2? I was laughing so hard the whole time. Please, Mark! Still asking for it!
death day88
death day88 Prije 8 dana
Im a truck driver and the jack knife had me crying
knewtonwako Prije 8 dana
Water beds were mostly discontinued in the 90s
Mr. Bipolar Bear
Mr. Bipolar Bear Prije 8 dana
The whole time he was talking about how he doesn't like when maps change orientation based on which way you're going i was just thinking this guy is going 33 MPH in the left lane in a 65. lol
Q U A N T U M Prije 8 dana
If you choose any other language besides English when you start up this game, don't play it. YOU COMMIE.
Patricia pat
Patricia pat Prije 8 dana
if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man
DarthJones Prije 8 dana
Loved the play through, but man I wish there’s less editing it’s kinda annoying
Jon Bica
Jon Bica Prije 9 dana
markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE markiEEE
Kintaro Prije 9 dana
He should play firefighter simulator
Parker Chernoff
Parker Chernoff Prije 9 dana
my dad used to work as a semi-truck driver and i'm just. this is painful to watch lol
Cotton Gamer
Cotton Gamer Prije 9 dana
Mark: Ima call it: mArKiMeRiCa Me: Of course lol
ǝɯ llıʞ ǝsɐǝld
ǝɯ llıʞ ǝsɐǝld Prije 9 dana
mark shifts like like every honda civic owner does at 3 am.
Devon Sevon
Devon Sevon Prije 9 dana
I love this games demo I wish I could get it
Sonicorp Prije 9 dana
14:59 "Does anybody do a WEEEEEEEEED!"
shiroplayzzz Prije 9 dana
part 2!!!
Ace and Dawg
Ace and Dawg Prije 9 dana
"Trailer damage? Well it's not my trailer so who cares"
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