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Imagine that someone's life is in your hands. Now imagine that your hands don't work quite right and no matter how many times you try to make them work they either do the complete opposite of what you want or refuse to do anything at all... that's what EmergeNYC is like! Either this game is completely broken or I am INCREDIBLY stupid.
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Marcus A. Clayton
Marcus A. Clayton Prije 2 sati
As a professional firefighter who has watched mark for years this has to be my favorite video 😂 It was like watching the rookies come in on their first day. Never thought I’d get to see how I looked on my first day in the academy.
Elijah Cryderman
Elijah Cryderman Prije dan
NYC mean New York city
Izaak Picklesauce
Izaak Picklesauce Prije dan
hey nyc for New York City
Ciri Hime
Ciri Hime Prije 2 dana
Tyler Spears
Tyler Spears Prije 3 dana
Bro this is mad annoying. My man learn the game just a tiny bit at least before you make a video. It took you 13 minutes to get a wrench in your hand like bruh
The Empire Of E The Imperial Guard
The Empire Of E The Imperial Guard Prije 3 dana
This just in: FireFighters now run into cars if they have to.
Kristen Lot
Kristen Lot Prije 4 dana
This is the most confusing game ever
Kal Ryder
Kal Ryder Prije 4 dana
All these sim vids are so chaotic and it’s amazing
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Prije 4 dana
I actually started crying with laughter when watching this video. Such a legend.
VocaloidLover14 Prije 4 dana
Me waiting for mark to play the game : 👁👄👁
Bakugo Katsukii-_-
Bakugo Katsukii-_- Prije 5 dana
Imagine your house is on fire and you see a single fireman just staring at a hose and making grunting noises.
blooddragon265 Prije 6 dana
I think i just got a ad for this game before the video started WTH
Novus Talks
Novus Talks Prije 6 dana
There’s like two frames in this game
sou713 Prije 6 dana
25:43 close your eyes and listen...
squid bacon
squid bacon Prije 6 dana
damn MORGAN amirite???
Bread The Trashpanda
Bread The Trashpanda Prije 6 dana
I'm glad Mark didn't just tear into the game. I'm sure the game needs a bit of polish, but it's nice to see he didn't just call it broken and leave.
Kiley Slanec
Kiley Slanec Prije 6 dana
I made the mistake of eating well watching this video and I laughed with food in my mouth 😂
kachi onyeka
kachi onyeka Prije 6 dana
Mark just smashing into cars & yelling at them was hilarious 😂
BRANGOD 5605 Prije 6 dana
unus annus UNUS ANNUS
Novus Talks
Novus Talks Prije 6 dana
This dude was like the doom slayer. A walking muscle of a man
jooheon's nate
jooheon's nate Prije 7 dana
25:44 mark please stop you’re right in my ear-
Ashley W
Ashley W Prije 7 dana
are you sure this isn't a horror game?
Synthis Bioji
Synthis Bioji Prije 8 dana
9/10 not enough traffic
Gamaliel Prije 8 dana
Imagine calling a firefighter and the firefighters just stare at the hose as your house burn down
Hyper Sonic 257
Hyper Sonic 257 Prije 8 dana
The day Mark finally lost his brain cells
Anheda Prije 8 dana
"56 page manual". That's a solid book right there in my books huehaheeehueheeee
InfinitysEdge01 Prije 8 dana
I swear Mark has to be the only guy that pokes at a game being screwy when he's just being a dope, but will take the blame for being wrong when a game is actually absolute dog shite 🤨
SwaffyX Prije 8 dana
Doing this stuff is better in GTA lmao
ZackKoutaRoxas Prije 8 dana
Anyone know the music track that's added in at 19:43? It's pretty cool, I wanna check it out.
XxSuperDeadlySniperxX Prije 9 dana
Markiplier: lets play a simulator game Game: I HAVE ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS
O w O
O w O Prije 9 dana
10:57 oppai
Ghosted Emu325
Ghosted Emu325 Prije 10 dana
That last siren sounded like a siren head got triggered, is it just me
Justin Carter
Justin Carter Prije 10 dana
This was 27 mins of gameplay without the "play" part, but amusing nonetheless.
Chris L
Chris L Prije 11 dana
This must be one of those shitty games that when being developed promised WAYYYY too much and suffered from "feature creep", hence the 56 PAGE MANUAL, so they ended up never really "finishing" the game or getting the JANK out of it. Sounds all too familiar (Star Citizen...WINK WINK)And I thought that "shopping cart sound" was Markiplier just mashing keys on the keyboard trying to figure out what to do....LMAO.
SaTuRoChAn Prije 12 dana
that manual omg Ö_Ö they really tried to do it right what XDD
Wicked Weedle
Wicked Weedle Prije 12 dana
this new cyberpunk 2077 update looks "Fire" wake the fuck up samurai. we've got a city to burn.
Enter Toby
Enter Toby Prije 12 dana
Looks like a great game. Needs some work tho
GGizHere Prije 12 dana
5 minutes in and i've spat my f'n water out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
1982pros Prije 12 dana
Mark: But I have no ide what i'm doing. Do you ever know what your doing in this lovely sims games 😉😉😉
Sofia McGrath
Sofia McGrath Prije 13 dana
Benjamin Garger
Benjamin Garger Prije 13 dana
bro, mark, there's an odor thingie because carbon monoxide, a highly poisonous gas, has no odor, so there are special detectors. The fire department is super important in cases of carbon monoxide for that reason., for rescue purposes
Dogophrenia Prije 13 dana
They’re all named Mark but with different last names
Darkside2205 Prije 14 dana
I fucking can't
Tatiana Anthony
Tatiana Anthony Prije 14 dana
The patience of this man. 😂🥲
Greywarden Prije 14 dana
22:39 "I must go, my people need me"
Sumar Arguin
Sumar Arguin Prije 15 dana
I have never laughed so hard and so consistently in my life. Thank you 🤣
Thedogboi Prije 15 dana
I guess he has never been to NYC cuz he would know everyone is a bitch
- reverie
- reverie Prije 15 dana
23:30 hehehe he should come to the ice road, that’ll be a trip
Limi Prije 15 dana
... I think he's broken
Kris TheGoat
Kris TheGoat Prije 15 dana
My teacher met you at a convention and talked to you about yogurt one time, (yes she is a young teacher lol)
Ata5ll. Prije 16 dana
One could guess if the dev had any experience it would have thought by now a 65 page manual is a good indication that it's produced title is possibly overcomplicated.
rexman971 Prije 16 dana
I've been with this game since it was first announced. It's come a long long way, but getting better.
Stevie Shred
Stevie Shred Prije 16 dana
This was hilarious
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR Prije 16 dana
Man, they tried so hard to make this game involved, but it's so complex to do anything. XD If only they streamlined the mechanics somewhat and focus a bit more on visuals and performance to balance it all out. This really is the example of over-developing gameplay. I know they went for "simulation", but it's not OK to be so complex and obscure at the same time. You can have a lot of ideas and things you want in your creation, but you need to be selective and pick the best things and what is best for the experience.
rexman971 Prije 16 dana
It's made to be played with others, I heard the developer mentioned the FDNY(He shadows and works with them too) considered it for training purposes because if used right it's very accurate.
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR Prije 16 dana
CD Projekt Red fanboys be like... > 23:20
Dreamori Prije 16 dana
the bird in the game is making my cockatiel scream.
Logan Rollings
Logan Rollings Prije 16 dana
Mark that beeping sound on ur player is to let the other fire fighters know where u are if u are stuck in a fire and standing in a spot too long then it makes that sound until u move
Freddy Spaghetti
Freddy Spaghetti Prije 16 dana
This game is still broken after a few years
Keata Prije 16 dana
Is this the return of heehoo?
Chris Gusky
Chris Gusky Prije 17 dana
Hold on to your butts we're in for a bumpy ride.
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain Prije 17 dana
The Q siren is made by federal signal and they use them on fire truck to let u know mark
Kimberly Walther
Kimberly Walther Prije 17 dana
I was waiting for a chair to go flying honestly.
Nerissa Burrell
Nerissa Burrell Prije 17 dana
Omg the comment section sent me more than the video 🤣
eRr0r-s3aRcHeR Prije 17 dana
19:33 "Mark Air" xd
Peckham Polly
Peckham Polly Prije 17 dana
Imagine being in a burning building and the fire department show up just so one guy can get out, scream in confusion for 5 minutes, then give up and walk into the flames
Maybeline Fox
Maybeline Fox Prije 17 dana
I feel like its interesting that the developer took the real-world detail where if a firefighter hasn't moved for a certain amount of time the motion detection alarm on their coat will start beeping (the random sound at 9:05 and 26:35) to alert other firefighters that they might be in trouble and put it in a video game that will most likely have no need for the noise, but didn't include the ability to pick up a hose or wrench.
Maybeline Fox
Maybeline Fox Prije 16 dana
@rexman971 I figured there might be a team element to it if they added that. Everything else just kinda seemed off
rexman971 Prije 16 dana
Play the game, it's really not that hard. It is also meant to be played with others (Firefighting you work as a team). You can pass out from smoke and your teammates need to come and get you that's why they implemented the PASS device.
Tsuki 790
Tsuki 790 Prije 17 dana
I paused the video to go do something and come back to mark saying "Remember Markiplier tells you to to give up"
Kara Storm
Kara Storm Prije 18 dana
It's Stan the Water Man all over again
EC A Prije 18 dana
I am in tears from how broken this game is. This is hysterical
FAW official
FAW official Prije 18 dana
25:13 Me trying to understand the Common Core
Mallowfly !
Mallowfly ! Prije 18 dana
“That is helpful cuz that does help” -Markiplier 2021
Xx_GhostRider_xX Prije 18 dana
5:44 there is no one riding
Just Passingby
Just Passingby Prije 18 dana
Note to developers: Do not make simulators or games too complicated like how one would navigate and use Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, etc.
Oodles and Noodles
Oodles and Noodles Prije 18 dana
This *genuinely* makes me frustrated just looking at the game. I cant even imagine playing it. O.o
Dena yomama
Dena yomama Prije 18 dana
By the time mark actual got this hose working the building would be gone 😂
Dirty Nas1y
Dirty Nas1y Prije 18 dana
The fact there was so much put into the game but it was still poop
Animation dudes
Animation dudes Prije 18 dana
People dying in the fire Mark be like give me your fluids give me your fluids jumping up and down as well too
yazan Watad
yazan Watad Prije 18 dana
This game is really complex i can feel drowning in the ocean and unable to breathe by just of watching this
yazan Watad
yazan Watad Prije 18 dana
I dead of laughing I like to watch Markiplier playing simulators games and its better when he doesn't know what to do or how to do because the video become really funny
Lazy Kiilash
Lazy Kiilash Prije 18 dana
this game is incredibly bad oh my god
Vicky P
Vicky P Prije 18 dana
Imagine having a bigass fire happening in your house/building and they send THIS guy 😂
Gamer Kyle 7147
Gamer Kyle 7147 Prije 19 dana
I guffawed
onekingdom1 Prije 19 dana
Markstephen Paduhilao
Markstephen Paduhilao Prije 19 dana
I can hear the keyboard
rickiereese Prije 19 dana
YaGirlJordan Prije 19 dana
This was so frustrating to watch lmao
Danielle Fields
Danielle Fields Prije 19 dana
Just imagine a building is on fire and is engulfed in huge amounts of flames, and outside the building you just see a firefighter smoking a cigarette sideways in front of it
PinBallReviewer Prije 19 dana
And like usual every one in Marks simulated world is all dead. xD
JuneTree Prije 19 dana
Listen these are entertaining but as a game development student I just gotta say,,, I want mark to play a well designed game again. Most of these,, theyre,,, theyre so bad...
Evie Prije 19 dana
Imagine: an EMT van drives up to your trailer park home, sets it on fire, then just drives off.
Eoin P Kav
Eoin P Kav Prije 8 dana
I don’t mean to be that guy but it’s an ambulance
riqee Prije 19 dana
Haven’t laughed this hard in so long
Bunny Ann
Bunny Ann Prije 19 dana
I’m not that kind of truck 😏💅
Wylie Coyote
Wylie Coyote Prije 19 dana
Chief Morgan is thicc!
Mert Prije 19 dana
I learned nothing and everything, god bless our lord and savior Marky moo
D Gspandl
D Gspandl Prije 19 dana
No tutorial is just as bad as no game lol
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Prije 19 dana
20:00 Better than GTA! :-D
I Hope To Die
I Hope To Die Prije 19 dana
I love how in the chat at 19:20 there is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeefee
somnomania Prije 19 dana
so many things about this game are inexplicable. the shoulders on the dudes. the weird little cooler on the back of the fire engine. the paused loading circle next to the question mark in the upper right. the butt bidet.
Zagradovska Prije 19 dana
I recommend Flashing Lights, for some reason I have 10 hours in it and it's pretty fun. I could only stand 30 minutes in EmergeNYC lol, too much intense psychological horror.
john doe
john doe Prije 19 dana
I think itd be cool if Markiplier checked out DCS World. Give his hand at try to spool up an A-10 Warthog from a parked position.
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