Bui Doi
Bui Doi Prije 8 sati
The forbidden video!
Edward Elric
Edward Elric Prije 8 sati
Pelos stream with this game was hilarious, this wasn’t AS hilarious but still a good chunk of funny
Jaydan Meador
Jaydan Meador Prije 8 sati
ok i leave
RubyRooBat Prije 8 sati
Mark: is muted Me: vibing to the jack box music
Cora's Creations
Cora's Creations Prije 8 sati
Hello again
SeranthTV Prije 8 sati
Ladies and gentlemen, we found Stan the water mans ancestor
LUIGIPRO G00 Prije 8 sati
Mark plz dont die
Madison Davis
Madison Davis Prije 8 sati
*click* noise
Alexander Elderhorst
Alexander Elderhorst Prije 8 sati
Mark: who's this B*tch saying I'm not worthy Also Mark: proceeds to punch a bees hive
Whitney Delaglio
Whitney Delaglio Prije 8 sati
I hope that Wade singing about the rope/abandoning Mark ends up in the next Bob/Wade compilation.
UwU Ranger
UwU Ranger Prije 8 sati
Sara Compo
Sara Compo Prije 8 sati
Mark: i’m getting used to it Foxy: * comes out of pirate cove* oh really Mark: ENUOooOoOoOo
Likable Lama
Likable Lama Prije 8 sati
am i the only one who wants to see return to monke simulator part 2
wham Prije 8 sati
MArk - *literally never uses flashlight* Me - *THE FLASHLIGHT IS BETTER THAN THE LIGHTER*
Toshy Oishy
Toshy Oishy Prije 8 sati
For fuck sake mark editor i want him to slap him
Victoria Prije 8 sati
14:50 for some reason this one just made my soul yeet to another universe 😫🤚
Douglas Daniels
Douglas Daniels Prije 8 sati
love how he basically begged people to buy the desk and rubbed it in our faces but its not even available to the public-
Vyrthir Prije 8 sati
Unrelated to the video but Mark please play Little Nightmares 2 <3
Korneel Demeestere
Korneel Demeestere Prije 8 sati
Go back to the plane to get the stewardesses clothing
bruh Prije 8 sati
Every time mark says “3 scary games” he gets a kiss from Lixian
angelo vegis
angelo vegis Prije 8 sati
every fucking time my mouse do that
Levi Prije 9 sati
0:00 A legend is born...
Vibes Prije 9 sati
Mr Mycotic
Mr Mycotic Prije 9 sati
Jheez mark leave some ladies for the rest of us
im DanGrow
im DanGrow Prije 9 sati
Im gonna whack lixian in the head for making that last jumpscare way scarier than it suppose to be
Tobby Sargent
Tobby Sargent Prije 9 sati
No tree
Pro Cow
Pro Cow Prije 9 sati
6:34 best one yet
The Empire Of E The Imperial Guard
The Empire Of E The Imperial Guard Prije 9 sati
Me: just watching the vid Mark: where the hell have you been
Doctor Wub
Doctor Wub Prije 9 sati
Does anyone else find it satisfying when Mark and Bob mess with Wade when he seems angry and immature about Uno?
Joy Jayme
Joy Jayme Prije 9 sati
King Deadlox
King Deadlox Prije 9 sati
You have to equip the bag to collect the berries.
Jacek Marchlewski
Jacek Marchlewski Prije 9 sati
Mark looks like second more handsome version of Jason Momoa
Nestader kc
Nestader kc Prije 9 sati
YAAAAHH Markiplier is one of the over 5kk vikings too O3o yaaaaaaaay
Samurai 145
Samurai 145 Prije 9 sati
i wonder why he so many nightmares, has played like every horrific game possible
Amy Bickett
Amy Bickett Prije 9 sati
Multiple people tried to make gold with urine, which is also how phosphorus was discovered
750Brownie Prije 9 sati
Mark, you are just so genuine that when I watch your videos I feel like I know you in person. I honestly don't know how I feel but I do know it's a good feeling.
Ethan Joshua
Ethan Joshua Prije 9 sati
Gotta love Wade's opera singing
Jeff Kealy
Jeff Kealy Prije 9 sati
Bro wtf I legit had a dream about this exact thing??? Help??? I then saw this video 4 years ago and freaked out???
Kheil Valdez
Kheil Valdez Prije 9 sati
The question where the years between 1900 to 1999 and which number was upside down was actually 1961 for anyone wondering :)
Kaelie Jane
Kaelie Jane Prije 9 sati
We need more!!
libsybum Prije 9 sati
This video won’t load for me. I tried to watch it yesterday and I thought it was my internet but it won’t load today with and I’ve just watched the latest Forest 🤔
Noobsi89 Prije 9 sati
This is the most family friendly game ever. I mean... you do what you need to do to make families happen right?
Comical Cow
Comical Cow Prije 9 sati
Are we all just gonna ignore Wade's historical genius in making his name Wode? He has never been smarter than this.
CoreUltra Prije 9 sati
5:19 He didn't even remember how he beat 20/20/20/20 mode...
Harley Lockmiller
Harley Lockmiller Prije 9 sati
he was sniffing it the bear
Jason BROWN Prije 9 sati
do any one remember when he did gmod horrer maps with yamimash
Sara Compo
Sara Compo Prije 9 sati
does anyone lees remember when there was those couples about the animatronics
ThunderStorm75210 Prije 9 sati
Hi lixian! Lixian at 38:35
Saim Chaudhry
Saim Chaudhry Prije 9 sati
The rainy board surprisingly dance because park diagnostically intend beyond a military reward. hard, hurried equinox
Filip Dziadura
Filip Dziadura Prije 9 sati
poor polish grandad, dw im polish
BlueLightning Lp
BlueLightning Lp Prije 9 sati
omg today is March 4th, 2021 o.o
TeddyHatred Prije 9 sati
Mark pick up the meat after skinning it
Nicholas Charpentier
Nicholas Charpentier Prije 9 sati
18:26 *sanctuary gaurdian plays*
Olenhol Prije 9 sati
there is google maps esc multimedial map of The Forest penisula...
Kody Miller
Kody Miller Prije 9 sati
Can you make more dead at night vids
Sara Compo
Sara Compo Prije 9 sati
foxy: dum dUm dee dum me: dum dum dee dum mark: WHAT Is WITH THAT! “ dum dum dee dum”
Mandylee Peake
Mandylee Peake Prije 9 sati
He sounds like plankton from spongebob lol
Deserved_Death Prije 9 sati
I’m not Funni
I’m not Funni Prije 9 sati
Limbo Prije 9 sati
2:32 ngl that singing was pretty good
Rei K.
Rei K. Prije 9 sati
2:14:52 when impostor sus
Gourav Kumar Singh
Gourav Kumar Singh Prije 9 sati
The 3:23 was so fucked. .....I honestly got a heart attack...
Abbi Corless
Abbi Corless Prije 9 sati
the smart kid when they got the answer wrong: 7:30
Riki Prije 9 sati
You're getting real comfortable with these cliff hangers
MechanicalFire Prije 9 sati
POV: you’ve come back to entertain yourself
RockinGaming Prije 9 sati
yoooooo, cheese
Mr.anman ator
Mr.anman ator Prije 9 sati
My favourite two words of the video: Indulging and forbid
Ruby R
Ruby R Prije 9 sati
8:25 Why does "Katanas and chainsaws" sound like a band?😅 Like a heavy metal one or something😂
Soi Tin
Soi Tin Prije 9 sati
ín bii
Erný Mr.
Erný Mr. Prije 9 sati
Abdullah Safin
Abdullah Safin Prije 9 sati
Gabriel Zerna
Gabriel Zerna Prije 9 sati
*I was expecting "Previously on ... Raft" not "The Forest"*
Viktor Nikiforov
Viktor Nikiforov Prije 9 sati
Pleasseee play this againnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Dominick Thiessen
Dominick Thiessen Prije 9 sati
Is anyone else watching this in 2021
ChariotReq Prije 9 sati
Wade: Oh ye, did you do the hardcore graphical sex Game: *YOU ARE HOT*
Dog Mcg
Dog Mcg Prije 9 sati
How do u know Karina
Ryan J
Ryan J Prije 9 sati
Right at the beginning I was waiting for them to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" even though they're nowhere near their base 😂